Version:3.5.2 Size:1.13MB Update:2013-06-15

Platform: XP / Vista / Win7 / Win8

PDF Password Cracker

Remove PDF password(owner password,open password).
PDF documents can not be edited, copied, printed? Read PDF documents you need to enter a password, and you do not want to enter a password each time to read? With this software, you can:
(1)Remove the PDF document protection, so that you can edit, copy, print the document.
(2)Remove PDF document open password.
Support batch PDF documents removed,Small, run fast, run independently, wwithout other library support. The software supports windows operating system (xp/2k/vista/win7/win8).

Functions and Features

Remove protection of PDF documents, so that the document can be edited, copied, printed.

Remove open password to open PDF documents without a password.

Support batch file operation to decrypt for more than one document at a time.

Removed automatically generate a new file, do not overwrite the original file.

Small size, run independently, without having to install any support libraries.

Supports windows(xp/2k/vista/win7/win8).

Languages: English/German/Spanish/Italian/French

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License: Freeware




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