PDF Reader    Operation Guide   Version:6.5.3
1. Getting Started

Smallest PDF reader.Professional PDF document reader.Operation is simple: Run Reader,open PDF documents.

2. What kind of operating environment software needs?

The software runs on windows operating system, no other requirements. Support the windows xp/2k/vista/win7/win8, support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.

3. Need other software to support it?

No, the software does not need other auxiliary, independent run.

4. Adobe PDF software to be installed on the machine?

No, the purpose of the software development is to avoid installing huge Adobe software.

5. How to use the thumbnail feature?

click the left button of "thumbnails Show / Hide" , you can control the use of thumbnails.

6. How do I open a file?

The software is very convenient to open a PDF file, you can use the following methods:
a. toolbar icon: [Open file] button, open PDF file.
b. Drag: drag a PDF file into the program interface.

7. How to quickly open a PDF file?

a. If you use the [associate PDF] and successful association, and then double-click the PDF document, you can read document.
b. If PDF reader is already running, the PDF documents dragged into the program interface, and will be able to read PDF documents.
c. Drag the pdf file onto the pdf reader shortcut or application, opens automatically.

8. What is the function of [Associate PDF]?

This function can set the PDF file is automatically read by the reader. Software installation is complete, you only need to run once associated.
After the success of the association, right click on a PDF file, PDF reader will appear in the list.
If your system is installed PDF reader, and then double-click the PDF document, you can automatically open PDF documents using PDF reader.

9. How to use a thumbnail to jump to a specific page?

Very simple,Click the thumbnails of the target page, you can jump to the page.

10. How to open files with password?

If the PDF file is opened and requires a password, the software will pop up the password input window, as long as the password is correct, the document automatically opens.

11. How to control the Image size when use [Save this page as a picture]?

Picture size, depending on the size of the current page. Therefore, you can zoom in or out of the current page.

12. Click the mouse on the page, auto-flip function can be closed?

Yes, of course.You flip through the toolbar [mouse click] button to control the automatic flip function on / off.

13. Why is there a thumbnail generation progress bar?

Thumbnail feature, all pages of PDF documents generated thumbnails, PDF document page is more likely to take a long time.However, in the thumbnail generation process, you can continue to read your documents.

14. Why some function button is clicked, no response?

Make sure that the currently open PDF documents.To perform some function buttons, you need to open the document.

15. Page zoom?

To conserve system resources, can show a maximum of 200%.Through years of user feedback, reading, page zoom 200%, to meet the demand.


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