Image Convert to PDF    Operation Guide   Version:4.2.2
1. Getting Started

Multiple pictures (multi-picture format) generated as a PDF document.Operation is simple:
Step first: Add picture files, click [Add Files] button or dragged files from the outside to the program interface.
Step two: Set the page size and picture adaptive parameters.
Step third: Click [Convert] button to generate a PDF file.

2. What kind of operating environment software needs?

The software runs on windows operating system, no other requirements. Support the windows xp/2k/vista/win7/win8, support for 32-bit and 64-bit operating system.

3. Need other software to support it?

No, the software does not need other auxiliary, independent run.

4. Adobe PDF software to be installed on the machine?

No, the purpose of the software development is to avoid installing huge Adobe software.

5. A picture can be converted into the number of pages of PDF documents?

Each image is converted to one page in PDF file.

6. How to add pictures?

The software is very convenient to add pictures, you can use the following methods:
a.Button: [Add Files] button to add pictures into the program (Supports multi-selection);
b.Drag: dragged the picture files into program (you can select multiple image files dragged).

7. How to quickly add pictures?

Drag: dragged the picture files into program (you can select multiple image files dragged).

8. Convert each image into a page, pictures how to locate?

The picture is located in the center of the page.

9. What is the order of the image file conversion?

The order of the images in the PDF file is the order of the file list box.

10. How to change the conversion order of the picture?

Before you start the conversion, use the mouse to drag one or more image files to be sorted.

11. Compress Pictures option is selected, why little change file size?

Compress Pictures option for non-compressed image formats (such as: bmp). Image compression technology has been used, such as jpg, gif, can no longer be compressed.

12. Page size is selected,How to adjust the page size?

Directly modify the height and width of the page.

13. Fixed page and Page adaptive, what does it mean?

Fixed page: the page size of each page is fixed.
Adaptive Page: the page size of each page is not fixed, page size equal to the picture size.

14. Fixed page is selected,Pictures adaptive two options mean?

Picture size>Page size:When the picture size is larger than the page size, the picture automatically shrink to fit the page.
Picture size<Page size:When the picture size is smaller than the page size, the picture is automatically enlarged to fit the page.
Note: The pictures such as scaling to meet the minimum page width or height to prevail.

15. What is the use of the check box in the file list and how to change the state?

The check box is used to control whether the current picture is involved in generating: the selected participation (default), do not select are not involved in generating.
Change the state of the check box: click the check box.
How to select all or unselect all:
a.Click "check box" on the file list box header.
b.Click the right mouse button in the file list box, popup menu, use [Select / Unselect All] function.

16. In the file list box, click the right mouse button popup menu

In the file list box, click the right mouse button popup menu:
[Add files]: Functions the same as the "Add Files" button.
[Select/Unselect All]: change the selected state of all files in the file list box.
[Remove]: remove the selected file from the list box.
[Clear]: Clear file list box all files, re-add.
[Open]: open the current file, view the contents.
[Locate]: positioning the disk location where the file.


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