Why Republicans should vote against Betsy DeVos: Democrats need to rethink their strategy

A lot of Republicans are worried about Betsy DeVos’ nomination to head the Education Department.

Her nomination to lead the Department of Education has been met with a lot of criticism from Democrats, including some Republicans.

Many of those criticisms are valid, especially given her past record as a former head of the department.

But Democrats should not just be focusing on DeVos’ past, they should also be considering her ability to make the best of the situation and lead the department in a way that will help students, teachers, and schools.

It is important that Republicans take into account the many things that DeVos can do as secretary, including improving the quality of education.

However, DeVos has also been criticized for being overly aggressive and for making decisions that are driven by her political ideology.

For example, she has been accused of promoting vouchers and charter schools, which are popular among conservatives.

These actions have not improved student outcomes.

They have led to increased tuition increases and student debt.

DeVos has taken steps to ensure that all students have access to a quality education and to provide the resources needed to do so.

While she is an outsider, DeVos can make the most of the current environment and work with the American public to build on the progress made in recent years.

As Secretary of Education, DeVos will have a lot to gain and a lot that she will lose.

She will need to make sure that her decisions are driven more by facts, not ideology.

She must be able to work with stakeholders to help make sure every student gets a quality learning experience.

She should be open to collaboration with stakeholders, and she should be transparent about the types of proposals she is considering.

She needs to be willing to be flexible in her decisions, and the department should be able and willing to collaborate with her on a range of issues.

She can also be open and honest about her own conflicts of interest, as some of her proposals are based on financial interests.

There are also questions about whether she will have the proper ethical standards for her position.

Some have argued that DeVos has not yet demonstrated the skills needed to be an effective Secretary of State, and her views on public lands and foreign affairs are not aligned with those of the Department.

Many also argue that DeVos lacks the experience needed to serve in this role, and that she lacks a strong record of public service.

As we enter the new Congress, it is important for Republicans to be mindful of the many different ways that Betsy DeVos could impact education and the country.

In the months ahead, Democrats will need Republican lawmakers to listen to the concerns of constituents, teachers and parents.

The American people deserve better than a Secretary of education who is too focused on her personal finances and who is not committed to the public good.

They deserve to have a choice of a strong leader who is committed to making our nation more secure, protect families, and improve our schools.

In 2018, Republicans will have an opportunity to do just that.

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