How to watch ESPN’s College Basketball Championship game with a tablet reader

A tablet reader is coming to college basketball in 2019.

It’s one of the first things we’ll see in the 2018-2019 basketball season, and it will be the first tablet-only viewing option on ESPN.

It’s also the first to allow viewers to access the game through the ESPN app, as ESPN announced on Wednesday.

The new app will include more than 50 college basketball games, as well as an ESPN Radio-like podcast.

We’ll be able to follow the action from around the country and see it live.

We’re thrilled to offer the most comprehensive college basketball viewing experience on a tablet platform.

Our goal is to provide fans with access to the best college basketball content for the most part on tablets,” ESPN senior VP of global sports and digital marketing Dan Stapleton said in a statement.

College Basketball has been a key pillar for ESPN’s sports business, and a number of the league’s teams have used tablet devices to stream games for years.

ESPN will have an expanded tablet-viewing option that will be available for ESPN subscribers starting next season.

This is an important step for ESPN, which is looking to compete for a larger share of college basketball viewership.

ESPN has been on a tear with streaming rights deals for the past few years, and the company’s new tablet-enabled service could provide it with more of a leg up in its fight to be a part of the conversation about streaming.