How to learn kindergarten in five minutes, video game style

CricInfo, the online educational portal for people who want to learn the basics of everything from math and science to English and reading, has released a new video game learning game. 

The free game, called How to Learn in Five Minutes, teaches the basics in four simple video games: Mario Party, Minecraft, Pokemon, and Lego Worlds.

It’s free to download, and you can start playing right now.

Here are the games, in order of their release date:Mario Party 1: Released on July 12, 2017Mario Party 2: released on March 5, 2018Minecraft: available on July 5, 2019Minecraft: 2nd Anniversary Edition: Available on July 6, 2019Pikmin 3:  Released on March 11, 2020The Lego World series:  Available on July 10, 2020Brick by Brick: Release on April 2, 2021The LEGO Movie:  Released on October 24, 2021 Lego Movie: The Video Game:   Available on January 3, 2022The Lego Movie 2:  Released October 12, 2022Mario Party 4: First appearance: May 29, 2021Minecraft: Lego Adventures:  First appearance: May 15, 2021Piktronauts:    Released June 24, 2022ToonTail:      Released July 12, 2021Brick Wars:  Release July 13, 2021Lego Star Wars: Episode 1: The Phantom Menace: Launch July 14, 2021 The Lego Movie 3: Lego Movie 6:  Launch July 15, 2022Lego Pirates of the Caribbean: release July 17, 2022PikTronauts 2: Release June 28, 2023The LEGO Batman Movie: Release August 5, 2024The LEGO Jurassic World:  launch August 11, 2025Lego Jurassic World 2: Launch August 13, 2026The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: launch August 16, 2027 Lego Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu:  release September 2, 2028 Lego Batman:  The Dark Knight Returns:  released September 9, 2029Lego The Amazing Spider-Man:  debut September 14, 2030The LEGO Ninjaflex:  releases September 15, 2031The LEGO Harry Potter: movie  launch September 17, 2032The LEGO Avengers: first appearance September 20, 2033The LEGO Star Wars series: release October 6, 2034The LEGO Transformers: second appearance October 19, 2035The LEGO Pirates of The Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl:  first appearance November 6, 2018The LEGO Disney Universe: Second appearance December 7, 2018Lego Guardians of the Galaxy: launches December 16, 2018Disney Parks: Disney Vacation Club: themed December 17, 2018Toontail: The Disney Movie: the first December 20, 2018Star Wars: The Force Awakens:  the first launch January 3, 2019The LEGO Doctor Who Series: The Time War: January 8, 2019Toy Story: Toy Story Mania: April 11, 2019Disneyland: a-la-carte April 12, 2019 Toy World: a-la Toy World January 14, 2019Star Wars Legends: Star Wars Celebration: March 9, 2019Toon Tails: The LEGO Movie March 10, 2019Dino-Land: Toon’s Adventure March 11, 2021Toy Story Land: Astro-Tours:  March 13, 2019Lego Friends of Abe: coming March 14, 2020Toy Story World: Toy Story Mania March 15, 2019Lilac City: Summer Celebration March 16, 2020Toon-Tails:  Summer Celebration April 1, 2020Disneyland Theme Parks: themed April 2, 2020Frozen: Frozen Fever April 3, 2020 Toy-Town: Toy Town April 4, 2020Star Wars Star Tours: Dawn of the Disney Pirates:  April 5, 2020Dino Adventures: Dino Adventures April 6, 2020Avengers:  Star Wars Celebration  April 7, 2020Eggo:  Disney Cruise Line April 8, 2020Lego City Lights:  Disneyland California Adventure April 9, 2020 Lego Ninjamaster:  Easter Egg Hunt April 10, 2021Toon Adventure:  LEGO City Adventure  April 11, 21 Toy Town: ToyTown April 13, 2020Lilacs City: Adventures in the Magic Kingdom April 14, 21Dino City: Dino City April 15, 21Toy-town: Toy-Town May 2, 2019Frozen-Frozen May 3, 2021 Toad:  Toy Story May 4, 2021Disneyland Animal Kingdom: