Google News: Google Reader is getting a new look

Google has unveiled a new interface for its popular ebook reader that is designed to improve its usability in an age when users rely on search engines to find information.

In an interview with Bloomberg Businessweek, Google’s product director for digital products, Jonathan Hess, said that the new design for Google Reader, called Chrome for Android, is based on the look of its new Chrome browser, which is currently in beta.

The new interface allows users to swipe between books, articles and other content in Google’s Chrome browser.

It also includes a redesigned home screen with a more modern design, a new tab bar that is much cleaner, and a redesigned navigation menu.

“Google is always trying to make sure we can make the experience better for users, but right now, that’s not possible,” Hess said.

Google has been working on Chrome for years, but this redesign of its app, he said, has been particularly important.

“We had to change it from a very user-friendly experience to make it more user-accessible,” he said.

Chrome for Android also comes with a new feature called “PDF screen reader” that is meant to allow users to view PDFs on their devices without having to download them to their computer.

“It’s really great for people who don’t use Google Reader,” Hess added.

“You can just swipe between a PDF and a book.”

The redesign of Google Reader has been in beta since April, with the first release expected later this year.

The redesign is meant “to make it easier for users to find what they want without downloading the app, so they can continue reading their books or articles and just use the Chrome browser to do that,” Hess explained.

The redesigned interface, called “Chrome”, is designed for reading and searching Google’s popular ebook readers, including Google’s own, the Kindle and Nook.

The company said the redesign will be rolled out to Chrome for other Android devices as well, including the iPhone and iPad.

Hess said Google was considering launching Chrome for all Android devices at some point in the future.

The changes also bring Chrome into the fold with Google Reader on iOS.

The first release of Chrome for iOS, which will arrive in the coming weeks, includes a revamped look and a new design.

The redesign of Chrome on iOS will also include new features including an app for sharing PDFs, better support for offline reading and better support of devices running iOS 6 or earlier.

“In Chrome for iPhone, there are some new features,” Hess told Bloomberg.

“There’s also a new PDF reader, which means you can share your PDFs and other types of files to other devices, too.

There’s a whole bunch of other things we’re working on in the browser for the next few months.”