Why is Google’s search engine not performing well in India?

Google is in trouble, the search engine giant is struggling to find ways to improve its search rankings in India, and a new report suggests the company is struggling in the country.

According to a report by the consulting firm Baidu, Google is struggling with the search engines in India to improve their rankings and the firm says that India’s search results are worse than in any other country except Brazil.

According the report, India’s ranking in the world’s largest search engine is the lowest of the major search engines and is not improving at a fast pace.

Google has been struggling in India for years, as the search giant has lost billions of dollars to competitors like Baidus, but the firm claims that its search engine has struggled with improving its ranking in India.

“In 2016, Google reported a negative US$1.3 billion loss, down from a US$5.7 billion loss in 2015, according to its annual report.

It also reported that its US$7.6 billion investment in India fell to US$3.4 billion in the year ended December 2017.

India’s growth has been slow in recent years, but in 2017, it experienced the highest growth rate in the region of 7.5% and its GDP grew at an annual rate of 8.3%.

India has seen more than three million deaths since 2014 and the country has the world highest murder rate.