Which of the following is the best night read in your home theater?

(The answer: night.

No, seriously.)

You’ll find the answers to all your night reading questions right here on the Huffington Post.

Night reading is a time to reflect, recharge, and reconnect with the world around you, and it can also provide the perfect opportunity to catch up on old favorite TV shows.

The Huffington Posts has teamed up with a select number of great night read sites to help you get the most out of this time of the year.

Read on to find out which one is the most reliable and worth your time, money, and effort.


Goodreads – Goodreads: A night read that really will take you through the night and beyond.

With more than 3 million authors, this online book club lets you find new and exciting authors who you can read, read with, and talk to.

This free book list aggregator also features curated reading lists that you can search for on your phone, tablet, or computer.

You can also search for authors on and other booksellers.


Goodread – Goodread: Night reading can be a great way to reconnect with old friends, reconnect with your past, and renew your relationships.

It’s also a great time to reconnect and reconnect your inner child with new life lessons.

You’ll be surprised at the impact that reading can have on your life and how reading can offer a way to connect with your innermost self.

GoodRead also offers an extensive collection of reading lists, which you can access at the link below.

3. – Audible: This free audiobook service offers a vast array of audiobooks from the best-selling authors you already love.

Audibooks are free to download and listen to online and can also be purchased on Audible’s website.

You should also be aware that the Audible app will automatically sync your library with the Audibook app.

4. This podcast-like service has an endless number of podcasts and podcasts from authors and their fans.

You will also find the occasional audiobook to keep you occupied while you read, along with a selection of recommended podcasts.

5. (free): Audible and Audibliss are two of the most popular audio-only bookstores in the world, and both offer great selection.

You also can browse the Audiblish library, which includes a variety of audiobook audiobones.

6. : Bookmarklet is a handy bookmarklet tool that will automatically open and close your favorite books, and there’s even an in-app bookmarklet that automatically opens your bookmarks on your iOS device.


Book of the Month Club: This popular book club is a way for book lovers to keep up with the latest releases and read authors you love.

It has more than 10,000 books to choose from, including books from some of the best authors in the business.


The Bookworm: This site has a huge selection of short, funny, and fun stories to read, as well as hundreds of ebooks.


The Listening Book: This book-sharing service has over 100,000 authors to choose for free, and the site even has a section of curated reading collections for you to browse.


Audiobook Club: The Audiobooks are a group of audioboards that you will be able to enjoy as you read.

You have the option of downloading your own audiobook for your iOS or Android device, or downloading an audiobook from a great library like Audible, Audible Club, or the Kindle Owners Club.

You needn’t be a member to read and enjoy these audiobakes, and you can also buy your own ebooks for your own enjoyment.


Kindle Unlimited: You can download audiobreads on your Kindle devices, and if you’re looking for a way of keeping up with new audiobees, you can find the audiobook list in the book club section of this website.

12. & This website is a great place to listen to your favorite music and audioballs.

You may even get a chance to watch your favorite movies or TV shows, as they’re being made available on a regular basis.


Audiumo: AudiumO is a collection of audioclips and audio books that you’ll find all over the web, and they’re also available for purchase on Amazon, iTunes, or other bookstores.

14. Audiotrace is a service that lets you keep track of your reading habits and can help you make the most of your free time by sharing and reviewing books and audioclones.


Booktopia: Booktopia offers the best selection of reading books in