Which app is the best?

The best smartphone apps for reading books are all around us.

With the advent of the cloud, apps can now be shared across devices in real time, allowing users to read and access content across all devices and operating systems.

But which apps are the best and most useful?

The answer depends on the user, of course.

Here are our picks for the best Kindle e-readers for reading fiction, poetry, and nonfiction.

Read More : • The most popular Kindle ereaders, as of May 2018 : Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Amazon Kindle Voyage, Kindle Paperwhite, Amazon Fire HDX, Amazon E Ink Pro, Amazon Nook ereader.

• Most popular Kindle apps : Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, Kindle Cloud Reader, Kindle Touch, Kindle Fire, Kindle 3rd generation, Kindle Voyatext, Kindle Note, Kindle Nook, Kindle Color, Kindle 2nd generation, and Kindle 3.5-inch and Kindle 2.5.• Most popular apps for audio books : Amazon Audible, Audible Premium, Audibook, Audiosmith, Audition, Audovision, Audacity, Audobooks, Audoboards, Audotron, AudoBooks, Audowood, Audopage, Audora, Audron, AuralTune, AVR, AudioQuest, and Audovoice.• The most common Kindle apps for photo editing : Adobe Photoshop CC, Adobe Photoshop Elements, Adobe Illustrator CC, Acrobat Pro, Adobe Premiere Pro, and Adobe After Effects CC.• Best Kindle apps to listen to audiobooks on the go : Amazon’s Prime Video, Amazon’s Kindle Fire TV, Amazon Prime Video Player, and Amazon Kindle Unlimited.• Which Kindle ereader is best for audiobooking?

The easiest way to find out is to compare the apps you use to listen, and then read aloud a book.

We’ve gathered the best audiobook apps for audiobook reading in a chart that compares the best Amazon Kindle eReaders for audiocooks, with the most popular Amazon Kindle Apps for audiobiocooks listed first. Read more