What it means for Android apps to run on Chromebooks

A lot of Android apps, including a number of Google services, are currently unavailable on Chromebook devices.

Now that Chrome OS is gaining traction with mainstream users, there’s an opportunity for developers to build apps for Chromebooks that run on a number popular apps.

There are a number options available to Android developers that run Android apps on Chromebook computers, and they range from basic Google services like Gmail and Google Play, to the likes of Google Maps and YouTube.

Chrome OS has also expanded its reach with support for multiple versions of Android, and apps can now run on any device running Android 4.4 KitKat or higher.

Google also offers a number Chromebooks with Chromebook support that will run the latest version of Android 4 for phones and tablets.

The problem with these apps is that they can’t run on all Chromebooks, and a handful of Chromebooks will never support the latest Android.

This is especially true of Chromebook tablets, which lack Google’s standard camera hardware.

That means that apps that run for a large portion of Chromebook users on a few devices will be severely limited in what they can do with them.

If you’re a developer interested in developing apps for your app, this list of apps will help you find apps that work with your devices.

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