N. Korea’s ‘yonsein’ can be used for a mobile phone reader: A Korean court

By By Yi-jin Park, Korea Times Feb. 07, 2018 07:55:55A Seoul court has approved the use of the North Korean word “yonseins” in mobile phones for the reading of PDF files.

The Seoul Central District Court said the use was approved after a two-week trial.

The court said it had received complaints from lawyers for some members of the public who were using the word in their work.

The ruling was made in favor of two North Korean-owned companies, Yonsein and the North Korea Information Agency, that were planning to sell a phone that would allow users to use the mobile phone reading function.

Yonsein is an official name for North Korea.

The Yonseins were approved by the court as the first company to sell the phone, which has not yet been released.

It is unclear what purpose the phone will serve for the government, but the government has said it will sell the smartphone as a replacement for its military-issued nuclear weapons.

The company that controls the mobile-phone sales rights for North Koreans is the Yonsei Information Agency.

The company has been criticized for having a cozy relationship with the government and its leader, Kim Jong Un.

The Pyongyang Times, an English-language newspaper in the North, reported the decision on its website on Monday.