How to update Firefox to support the latest version of pdf reader.

By: Peter HöhneUpdated March 25, 2018 11:21amA reader of pdf-reader on a Mac will no longer be able to read it if it has been updated to the latest beta version, the company announced in a post on the website of the Open Web Foundation.

A pdf reader bug has also been reported by a reader on a Linux machine, which should fix the problem, too.

“As of today, we have resolved a bug in Firefox that allows users to continue reading a PDF, PDF-style, when it has already been updated,” Mozilla said in the post.

“If you are running Firefox and are using the latest Beta or Firefox Beta version, please ensure you are updating to the correct version of the PDF reader.”

While pdf readers have been available for a number of years, they haven’t been updated for quite some time, and that’s partly due to the complexity of the code.

For example, a PDF reader that supports PDF files only in HTML5, or PDF files with the text in the margins, has been in the works for a long time.

And Mozilla’s latest beta was released a couple of months ago, but it hasn’t yet been updated.

It’s not clear what caused the bug, though the Open Information Group suggests that the problem is a change in the code in the PDF-reader’s HTML5 version.

This bug, which can cause PDF readers to be unable to display the PDF, is one of the most common issues encountered when people update to the beta.

The PDF-Reader developers have been actively working on a fix and will announce it when the new beta is released.