When You Wish Upon a Star: Sumatra’s Greatest Stories from the Week of June 4, 2017

Aplikasis, the Indonesia-based weekly reader, is an excellent source of daily information.

For example, on Wednesday, June 4th, aplika, or “reading,” the weekly reader began, “We are going to do a series of stories that we are calling stories of Indonesia.”

The series, named Sumatra Stories, focuses on the lives of Indonesian people living in the region.

The series is called Sumatra Tales, as they are all part of Indonesia Tales, which is a weekly feature that is also published on Aplika.

This month, the series will cover the lives and stories of people in Indonesia’s southern provinces of Borneo and Aceh.

Aplikan is also the only weekly reader to offer daily access to the weekly reading.

These stories are written by locals and local reporters, and they are the first of many that will be published this month.

The stories are all written by Indonesian residents who live in the area and report on their daily lives.

The first story in the series, titled “Dai” is about a girl who is an apprentice of a craftsman in Borneol, the capital of the island state of Sumatra.

The girl, named Mai, is a student who is studying to be a craftswoman.

Mai, a young, talented woman, does not know how to do basic construction, but she does have a passion for the craft.

Her work ethic and determination, and her ability to adapt to her surroundings and her own feelings, inspire her.

She takes her craft seriously and strives to be successful in her craft.

This is one of the stories that I find most compelling, as Mai is not only a talented craftswoman but a great person.

Mai has always had a strong sense of self and does not allow herself to be distracted by her job.

Her life is a very private one, but her love for her craft and the people who work in it inspires her.

Her stories are also filled with love and kindness.

When she sees the people around her, Mai sees them as family, and she loves that.

As a result, she wants to give back to them in a meaningful way.

The story, “Tulip” is one about a young woman named Selim, who is a former police officer in the northern province of Aceh and now lives in Bali.

Selim grew up in Aceh, and he has been a policeman for over a decade.

He is a good officer, and his personal life is very happy.

He has no regrets and never regrets anything.

He loves the people of Aceg in the north of the province, and it is a big part of his life.

Selima’s story is one that is very uplifting and uplifting for me.

He wants to become a police officer for the sake of justice and for his people.

This story, however, is also very personal for Selim.

He wishes that he had known when he was younger that he would become a policeman that he could have had the chance to go to college and pursue his dreams.

This reminds him of the words of one of his teachers, who said that a policeman’s life should be a big responsibility.

This shows that Selim is a man of deep and meaningful emotions.

His heart is full of love and compassion, and as he works hard in his police career, he is able to give a lot of back to his people, to the people in the south of Acep.

Selimi’s story also reminds me of the word of the great poet, Fanny Loungu, who wrote that the life of a policeman is his life’s mission, and that in a policeman, the people are the most important part of him.

Selimo is a young boy from a poor family in the northeast of Aceb.

He spends most of his time with his father and mother, and with his brother.

He also spends time with a friend named Jelana, who was born and raised in the same area.

Seli’s mother is the oldest person in the family.

Jelila is an energetic and kind woman who does everything she can to ensure that her son will have a better life.

In this way, Jelna helps Selim learn to be more independent, and Selim feels like he has a purpose in life.

He tries to live his life in a manner that gives him the freedom to live what he wants to live.

He often has adventures with his friends and travels to different parts of the country to work on projects.

Selih is a child who was orphaned by his family.

He lives with his aunt in a large house in a town called Kota Aceh in Acep province.

Selina is a beautiful and caring woman who cares deeply about her son, Selim who was adopted.

She is a wonderful mother to Seli.

Selic is a boy