What to know about the new Google Reader and the Google Assistant ebook app

By By David O’SullivanPublished June 01, 2017 08:33:50It is clear that Google has a long way to go to become the leading ebook app.

The search giant has had to adapt to Apple’s new app store model, while it has had issues with its app selection and delivery methods.

But one aspect of Google Reader that has yet to be ironed out is the Google Assist ebook app, which was the main reason for the launch of the new Android app.

This new Google app will help users make better use of the Android version of the Reader, which has more than 600,000 users.

In addition, the new app also offers the ability to switch between reading modes, including a reading mode that can be selected from a list of available reading modes.

“With the new Reader, users will have a greater ability to choose the reading mode they want to read.

For example, they can pick a readingmode that suits their interests or preferences.

With the new App, they will also have the ability make the most of the Google Reader experience,” said Paul Waugh, chief executive of iBooks.

While the app has not been released yet, the Google app is now available for download.

Google Reader will be available on Android smartphones and tablets starting June 6.