“The End of the Line” and The End of All Things: The Journey Begins

The End Of The Line is the first of four new stories from Dark Horse Comics’ The End series, coming out this spring.

The book tells the story of the final days of the Galactic Federation, a group of heroes fighting to preserve their world and the future of humanity.

The story will follow a ragtag band of ragtag heroes known as the Galactic Heroes.

They are led by the former Jedi Master and Galactic Federation Vice-Chairman General Luke Skywalker, a man whose loyalty is unshakable.

The novel is set in a galaxy far, far away and takes place before the events of the original trilogy, the end of the Clone Wars.

It is the second part of a three-part trilogy set after the end.

The third book is Dark Horse’s sequel to The End, which was released in 2015.

The novel, written by David S. Goyer and illustrated by Matt Fraction, follows the story from the perspective of the main characters as they travel from planet to planet.

Each character’s journey is unique, with the Galactic Hero Luke being a human of color.

The story takes place over three years before the war in the galaxy begins, and the book is the final chapter of the trilogy.

Dark Horse plans to publish The End in a hardcover edition and will also publish an audiobook.

The End is written by Goyer, who wrote the previous two books in the trilogy, which are the last two books of the The Force Awakens trilogy.

The trilogy includes the prequel trilogy, The Dark Knight Returns, which follows the events in the film trilogy.