Microsoft is working to fix Windows 10’s privacy issues, Axios reader comments

Microsoft is trying to fix its privacy issues and push back on a recent lawsuit filed by Apple, the Wall Street Journal reported on Wednesday.

The lawsuit claims that the company has been using Windows 10 and Microsoft Office applications to monitor user behavior in the name of improving cybersecurity, but the company says that the data collected has been for legitimate purposes and does not violate anyone’s privacy.

The Wall Street Times also reports that Microsoft is looking to introduce a new version of the Office suite to help fix the privacy issues raised by Apple.

The company is currently testing a new suite of Office apps for Windows 10 that could allow users to access information in the cloud, and could eventually offer them a more convenient way to do so.

Apple and Microsoft reached an agreement in January, which allows users to download the latest version of Office for free and share it with their friends.

The agreement also allows users of Windows 10 to share the latest versions of Office with their Microsoft colleagues.

Apple has also been a vocal critic of Microsoft, calling it “a monopoly,” and suing it in January.

The court ordered Microsoft to stop blocking Apple from copying the Apple iWork suite and to make the programs free for everyone.