How to find a free, easy PDF reader online with Google Reader

How to use Google Reader to find free PDFs on your Android device.1.

Download Google Reader from the Google Play Store.2.

Open the Google Reader app.3.

Tap “Search” from the top menu.4.

Tap the search box at the top of the screen.5.

Select “Find free PDF files.”6.

If you don’t see the search result, tap the + icon at the bottom of the Google page.7.

If your browser is not using the latest version of the Chrome browser, you may need to download the latest update from Google.8.

The download is available from Google Play.9.

Once downloaded, the Google app will launch.10.

Tap on “OK.”11.

Choose “Read” from “Next.”12.

Choose a PDF file to download.13.

Click on the “Download” button to start downloading.14.

After downloading the file, you can find the file on your device by searching for it.15.

You can view the file by tapping on it in the Google Chrome browser.16.

When you find the PDF file, tap “Open.”17.

When the PDF reader appears, tap on the file and then “Save.”18.

When done, your PDF files will be saved to your Downloads folder on your phone.19. Enjoy!