Google Reader is not for everyone, says former CEO

Google Reader, the popular ebook reader app, isn’t for everyone.

The search giant’s latest app, released this week, is more focused on the tech-savvy than the general reader, with a new look, redesigned interface and a redesigned user interface for the mobile version.

But Google’s move has some users scratching their heads.

“Google Reader is a great app for those who love reading,” said Scott McNeil, senior director of product management for the digital agency S.A.M. He noted that the app has been around for nearly a decade, and it is “pretty much ubiquitous.”

However, Google Reader’s design has made it popular among tech-oriented consumers, who have been looking for a new app for years.

It has been downloaded more than 30 million times, according to comScore.

The app has a user interface that is easy to navigate, and features a clean, modern look and feel.

It is a welcome change for a company that has been criticized for making its software “a lot more cluttered” in recent years.

“We’re happy to see Google’s app get a refresh and bring users back to the core of Google Reader,” a Google spokesperson told CNNMoney.

The app will also be available in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland, the spokesperson said.

The redesign includes an overhaul of the user interface, which includes a new color palette and new font colors, according the company.

The company’s new design is based on a design that has gained popularity in the smartphone and tablet markets.

“It’s a great redesign, and we’re excited to see this grow in popularity,” McNeil said.

However, some users have expressed concerns about the company’s design choices.

A number of users on Twitter pointed out the design’s similarities to Apple’s new iPad design.”@Google_Reader you just got ripped off by Apple,” user @g_champ said.

“The redesign is the same as the one from last year.

If it was a new design from Google, it’d be called the ‘iPad 3.’

#GoogleReader”In addition to its design similarities, Google also has been criticised for its use of artificial intelligence, which it said has made the app “more difficult to use.”

Google Reader’s redesign comes as the company faces competition from other apps on the App Store, such as Pocket Casts, which offers a similar interface.

Google also recently rolled out an app called Bookmarks, which helps users search for books, movies and other content on the Web.

Google has also announced plans to build a dedicated app for Android devices, although it hasn’t said what those plans will be.

Google Reader launched in late 2013.

It was originally designed as a way to stream video on Google’s YouTube service.

Users can download the app and read the first two books in its “Read All” section, with the last book being marked “private.”

The app also includes a “read it later” feature, which lets users quickly skim through content they’ve already read.

Users can also tap on a title to read the text of the book in full.

Google previously launched a rival app, Kindle for Android, but that service has since been discontinued.