Eink PDF reader, Office PDF reader and NPM pdf reader now available on

eink reader, office reader pdf and npm pdf readers are now available for Amazon.

The company says the new eink readers are available in both eink and standard PDF format, and are “the ultimate PDF reader for modern web-based applications”.

The new titles include Office PDF, Eink Office and Npm PDF reader. 

The titles will be available to Amazon Prime members for $1.99. 

“These new einks are available at Amazon, with no contract, and offer the best of both worlds. 

Their flexibility and versatility allows you to use the eink to read ebooks, to preview and share documents, or to print documents at a lower cost. 

In addition to being versatile, they can be set up for a wide variety of workflows, from reading ebooks to saving ebooks or embedding documents into e-books.” 

The new titles also offer the ability to sync across multiple devices. 

You can read your e-mails and documents from your tablet or laptop, or print documents from an external device. 

These new titles are available on both the einks and standard e-readers. 

Amazon says that the new titles can be purchased from the e-reader’s page. 

Microsoft Office Office and Office PDF readers were also added to the ereader list. 

Other major ebook retailers such as Amazon and Barnes & Noble also have eink-compatible titles. 

More reading: Microsoft releases new Kindle e-book reader with a new, streamlined interface Microsoft says it’s expanding the Kindle ereader to include support for Microsoft Office, which is “currently only available for the Windows platform.” 

It’s the second major upgrade for Microsoft’s Office, after the Surface Book was launched earlier this year. 

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